For English-speaking visitors
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For English-speaking visitors:

This website is dedicated to our ancestors who for several hundred years - until 1945 - lived on the former Eastern Lands of the Republic of Poland (now: Western Ukraine) in the following places: Olejów, Trościaniec Wielki, Bzowica, Białokiernica, Załoźce, Reniów, Hukałowce, Halczyna Dolina, Ratyszcze, Czystopady, Białogłowy, Neterpińce, Hnidawa, Harbuzów, Manajów, Perepelniki, Beremowce, Moniłówka

On this website we gather various information like excerpts from old registers of births, deaths and marriages, fragments of old books and newspapers, memories of various people, old postcards, pictures and maps, impressed seals, in other words: everything we discover or our visitors send us.

If you want to ask any questions to other visitors, please use the Forum on our website. Please find below short instructions on how to post a message. You can also send a message to the Administrators.

The majority of our visitors speak Polish only. However, with our friends' help we will try to translate your questions into Polish.

Please do not post questions as news or articles. The news on our website (placed on the top of the main page) are for publishing short information, such as what is new of the website, obituaries or information about important events; in the articles we publish all materials for reading.

How to post messages on our forum?

You can visit our website anonymously (and many people do it this way), but only registered users can post messages on the forum and in the Short Messages window. Therefore, first of all you have to be registered.

It is the easiest to reply to somebody else's message. The registered users can see on the bottom of such message a window saying: "szybka odpowiedź".

All you need to do is to write your message and click "Dodaj odpowiedź".

It looks different when you want to ask a question on the forum, e.g. when you are looking for information about your ancestors.

You have to click "Forum strony Olejów" on the top of the page, below the picture (site banner):

You will see a window with several categories of our forum. All categories are described in detail. If you want to ask a question about your ancestors you have to choose the first category "Szukam informacji / proszę o pomoc" and click it.

Then you will see a list of threads from a given category. But you just need to click "DODAJ WPIS" or "NEW THREAD" on the top right of the page.

You will see a window where you can write your message or request. You have to fill in both fields, i.e. apart from the message you also have to write a topic.

When it is ready, click "Dodaj temat" on the bottom of the page.

On the main page where you can review the recently added threads, you will see your message.